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What We Do

Tax Preparation Services - 1TAX is a full-service tax firm.  A full range of tax preparation services are available, including individual, small business, partnerships, S-corporations, estates, trusts, non-profits, states (all 48 taxable states, and cities.  Scott is particularly skilled in the areas of: determining when to file Married Filing Separately, small business tax issues, S-corporation elections, foreign income exclusion, advising of proper documentation, determination of estimated tax payments, multi-state/multi-city issues, complex sales of property and businesses, net operating losses, and much more. Our clients frequently comment that the advice and service they receive greatly exceed their expectations. 

IRS/State/City Representation - as an Enrolled Agent, Scott routinely and expertly represents clients for IRS audits, IRS Appeals, state taxing authorities, and city taxing authorities.  His experience as a career IRS tax auditor, manager, and lead instructor make him the ideal representative.  Scott will advise on the documentation needed for the examination and the issues the IRS may raise.  He will vigorously ensure that your rights are protected and that the audit is conducted in adherence to the tax law, treasury regulations, revenue rulings and procedures, court cases, and the Internal Revenue Manual.  

Tax Debt Resolution - Scott is particularly adept in working to resolve your IRS, state, and city tax debt issues.  As a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, Scott possesses the specialized knowledge of the various collection alternative available, including installment agreements, part-pay installment agreements, offers-in-compromise, and currently non-collectible.  Scott is also adept at recognizing when bankruptcy is the best alternative and will assist your bankruptcy attorney as to the amount and proper categorization of your tax debt.  Warning - beware of tax debt resolution firms who promise to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar.  A proper assessment of your assets, liabilities, and ability to pay must be done before a determination can be made as to the best solution to your tax debt issue.

Tax Planning - an important part of tax preparation is planning for the future.  Scott's superior analytical skills and his ability to gather the proper information results in payment of the lowest legal tax in future years. His advice regarding contributions to retirement plans, documenting deduction such as non-cash contributions, adjustment to Federal, state, and city withholding, and estimated tax payments provides assurance that there will be no surprises during tax season.

Financial Counseling
- Scott can assist you by analyzing your current financial situation and developing a plan to clean up your financial house. You will receive advice on the benefits of refinancing your home to reduce your living expenses, who to talk to about loan modifications and debt management, when to consult with a bankruptcy attorney, and other ways to reduce your overhead.  Scott is a creative, out-of-the-box thinker who is skilled at developing a plan specific to your particular needs.