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Newsletters and Documents

On this page, you will find Scott's informative newsletters, worksheets, and other downloadable documents.

Please note that in order to read the Excel worksheets, you will need Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, or OpenOffice (an open-source, free office suite).  If you have a Mac, you must have the Microsoft Office plugin installed.

Winter 2015/2016 - Topics include: Tax Scams. Identity Theft, Affordable Health Care Act, Mileage rate change for 2016, IRS Transcripts

Winter 2013/2014 - Topics include: Health Insurance Mandate, 2014c Mileage Rates, Top Tax Rate Increased, Exemptions and Itemized Deductions Phase-Out, Same-Sex Marriages, Excess Medical Expenses, 10% Trim

American Taxpayer Relief - Highlights of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 can be found here.  For most of you, the changes will not materially affect your taxes.  If any changes will affect you, we will discuss these at the time of your tax appointment.

Spring/Summer 2012 - Mileage Decoded! A must-read if you use your vehicle for business, charitable, or medical purposes.

Winter 2011 - Topics include: tax law changes, identity theft, Items your tax professional needs, and more.



Items to Bring or Send for Tax Preparation -  This document contains a list of the various documents you need to bring to your tax appointment.  


2013 Inflation Adjusted Amounts -  This document contains the amounts you can take on mileage, IRAs, pensions, social secuity and health savings accounts. 

Non-Cash Contribution Excel Worksheet - Use this extremely handy tool to document your non-cash charitable contributions.  Important Note - prepare a separate worksheet for EACH non-cash donation (i.e., please do not lump all of your non-cash giving on one worksheet.  The IRS wants to see what you gave on each date).

Non-Cash Contribution PDF - Use this file if you are unable to open the Excel version.  You will need to complete this version with pen and ink. Prepare a separate sheet for each donation.

Mileage Excel Spreadsheet - Place this on your computer desktop and record your business mileage regularly.

Mileage PDF Worksheet - Use this version if you cannot open the Excel version.